See us in the new documentary titled "The Booksellers," premiering this October at the 57th Annual New York Film Festival!

Monday October 7, 2019 - Wednesday October 9, 2019

We're proud to announce that we have been featured in the up-and-coming documentary about New York's book dealing scene, "The Booksellers". The film is produced by Dan Wechsler & Judith Mizrachy and directed by D.W. Young, and is slated for its world premier at the 57th Annual New York Film Festival!


Book Feature: Book World by Jin Hu

Saturday August 31, 2019

We're thrilled to announce the release of "Book World", where we are featured in an eleven-page interview about the business and bookselling market. This comprehensive guide explores the history of books and bookbinding from its very first start all the way to today, where even the oldest of books available...

The Hindu

Sunday September 6, 2009
"So, what are the high spots in the bookstore now?" I asked Bibi. And realised at once how foolish the question was in a room full of high spots: fine bindings and rare books. "Let me show you," she said, getting up. I followed her to a glass-fronted bookcase which...


Friday January 23, 1998
There are also a few lesser-known New York dealers. Imperial Fine Books, a shop for leatherbound fine and rare books, is in an upstairs gallery at 790 Madison Avenue, at 66th Street. It is owned by Ms. Mohamed, who was born in Guyana and has been in the rare-book field...