Library Development

At Imperial Fine Books, personal client service is our specialty. Whether the shelves are already built or you're still in the design process for your library, your next move is to engage us for the finest leatherbound books. We would be keen to go to your home or office to discuss your needs and to see how our books, binding services, and book experts can help complete your project on-time and on-budget!


Library of Leatherbound Books


Imperial Fine Books is the Leading Specialist in leatherbound sets and fine books in all categories, with prices ranging from $l,500 to $50,000.00. We even offer a registry for couples who are starting or augumenting a stately library. Over the years, our staff have worked with some of the most well respected designers, including Scott Snyder Design, Cullman & Kravis, Scott Salvatore, Michael Simon, Parish-Hadley, & Juan Montoya, to name a few. Together we have created exquisite custom collections that range from a few titles to entire private libraries for their clients. Our hard work has earned us praise in several leading publications, such as Town & Country, Architectural Digest, New York Times and Four Seasons Magazine. When it comes to building your library, working at your convenience, respecting your privacy, giving you our utmost undivided attention are our biggest priorities.


Library of Fine Bindings


Do you have a project in mind but don't know where to start? We can help! Please callemail or come in to learn more.


Other examples include:

Rare Book Library with Fireplace

Rare Book Library with Desk